Rachel Shechtman

May 23, 2019

by bryanna Tobin

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In-Store Experience is the Future of Retail

Rachel Shechtman joined Macy’s, Inc. as brand experience officer and founder of STORY in May 2018. With more than 15 years of entrepreneurial and brand consulting experience, Shechtman brings her passion for integrating marketing and merchandising to life through new innovative in-store experience strategies.

In December 2011, Shechtman launched STORY a rotating concept shop in New York City that changes out its entire store around different themes, including Beauty, Home for the Holidays and Wellness. STORY is often referred to as a living magazine and has received international attention for being the first retailer to launch its signature model ‘Retail Media’ – a unique blend of brand sponsorships and ever-changing assortments and event programming.

Prior to STORY, Shechtman founded Cube Ventures, a retail and marketing consultancy. In 2016, Shechtman was named to the Board of Directors of the National Retail Federation; in 2017 the AAF inducted Shechtman into its Advertising Hall of Achievement; in 2018 Shechtman was named a Henry Crown Fellow by the Aspen Institute. Shechtman holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Colorado College

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