Benchmark Study:

How Leading Retailers and Direct-to-Consumer
Brands are Investing in Digital

Ecommerce marketing is an ever-changing discipline. What works one year may not work the next. The best ecommerce marketers are always studying the customer, the platforms and channels, and what their competitors are doing.

CommerceNext understands the need for data to better determine whether you're focusing your ecommerce marketing budget on the right priorities. That's why we teamed with Oracle to develop a benchmark report based on a survey of ecommerce marketing executives. The findings from this survey are a benchmark for retailers and DTC brands to measure their own priorities and evaluate which technologies deserve a larger or smaller portion of the budget.

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What's in this report?

  • Which ecommerce marketing investments met, exceeded and fell below expectations
  • Why acquisition marketing transcends business models as a top priority for all ecommerce marketers
  • The challenges and opportunities of creating a single view of the customer
  • How the approach to ecommerce holiday marketing varies depending on business model
  • Which operational and technological barriers held ecommerce marketers back from achieving their goals